Hereby we would like to express the support of the HUP Association of Catering and Tourism to the STUH initiative „Fair Hotels Croatia“, and we regard that this project is yet another example of successful initiatives in the area of affirmation of positive practice of social dialogue and partnership among employers and trade unions, both at the level of our sector and individual hotel companies.

We are confident that many of our members will be placed at the list of Fair Hotels Croatia, since their responsibility for workers and longstanding good relations with trade unions justify this “title”. With our support we also wish to additionally emphasize the importance of fair mutual relations of social partners and the establishment of such employment relations and conditions to the satisfaction of workers, and thus to their employers. Respect of social partners and mutual recognition are certainly beneficial and affect directly quality of work, and thus quality of service and guest satisfaction, and maybe most importantly the area of corporate social responsibility of an employer.

This is why we can only welcome this initiative and be a role model with our own examples to support and prove that Croatian hotels are fair hotels.

Yours respectfully,

Jako Andabak,